Why is Healthcare so hard to change?
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Shawn Kanungo & Wang Yip


Imagine you were on Family Feud and Steve Harvey asked, “We asked 100 people: Name something you care about the most.”

“Health” is usually the first answer.

Wouldn’t it make sense for us to invest as much as we could to improve our health? Although it is true that many innovators have dramatically changed the healthcare landscape, it comes with ethical and legal risks. Healthcare is complicated, complex and expensive. In today’s system, most medical professionals make their money when their patients become sick. Is this right? The Dip explores the topic.

The Story:

In Episode #9 of The Dip, Wang talks with Dr. Lee Green who is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta. This is the most comprehensive podcast of our first season. Dr. Green and Wang talk about cognitive workload, the challenges within the healthcare system, 3D printing and robotics supporting surgery, increasing patient expectations, Theranos, and more.  This episode is intense!

We learn about about why Shawn, who is normally incredibly optimistic, is actually super pessimistic about the healthcare system.

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Shawn Kanungo and Wang Yip